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2024-2025 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Tuition and Fees

A substantial portion of the operating costs of Wisconsin Lutheran College is provided by contributions of individuals, alumni, Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod congregations, and friends of the college. The remaining portion is paid by students from personal and family resources, scholarships, grants, loans, and employment obtained at or through the college.

Most students who apply to Wisconsin Lutheran College are eligible for some type of non-repayable grant or scholarship (see Financial Aid ). Students whose fees are paid in whole or in part by agencies other than the College (Veterans Affairs, scholarships, grants, etc.) must notify the Financial Aid Office of their sponsored support at time of registration before arriving on campus so that the student can complete financial arrangements at that time. All remaining balances not covered by financial aid must be paid prior to arriving on campus or paid through one of the following payment plans.

Full Payment Plan: Entire semester balance due in full by 8/1 and 1/10 for the spring semester.

WLC 2 Payment Plan: Spread each semester’s payments out over two months. Payments MUST BE RECEIVED on or prior to the stated due dates (8/1 and 10/1 for the fall semester; 1/10 and 3/1 for the spring semester.)

WLC 4 Payment Plan: Spread each semester’s payments over four consecutive months. Payments MUST BE RECEIVED on or prior to the stated due dates (8/1, 9/1, 10/1, 11/1 for the fall semester; and 1/10, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1 for the spring semester.

Late Charges: Late charges, consistent with state law, will be assessed on overdue accounts.

Course fees will become an obligation to the college upon registration. Continuing students are expected to have all financial obligations paid in full BEFORE registering for future semesters. Registration will be cancelled for all students with outstanding balances from previous semesters.


Tuition is used to help defray the instructional and operating costs of the college. Tuition is assessed at the per-credit fee up to 11 credits. Students enrolled for 12 to 19 credits are charged the fixed full-time tuition. Students enrolled for 20 or more credits pay the full-time tuition charge plus an overload fee per credit. Students enrolled for 12 or more credits pay no additional tuition for auditing a course. Special and part-time students are assessed a flat fee for auditing a course.

Nursing Tuition Charge

All students accepted into the nursing cohort will be charged a tuition surcharge each semester beginning in the sophomore year. This surcharge was initiated by the WLC Regents to offset the high costs associated with the nursing program. In addition to lab equipment and supplies, clinical activities raise the cost of the nursing program well beyond other majors at WLC.

Activity Fee/Enrollment Support Fee/Health Fee

The activity/enrollment support fee is used to support student organizations and services as well as key elements of student life: health services, including mental health, technology and student programming. Students taking 6-11 credits in a semester are charged a part time activity fee.


Since WLC is a four-year residential college, all students, with the exception of commuters who live at home and seniors (who request to live off-campus), must live on campus. Any exceptions to this policy must be requested in writing to the director of residence life.

The housing fee is assessed to cover the cost of resident housing. Bed linens are provided by the student. Laundry facilities are available. A damage deposit is required of all students who live in college residence halls or apartments. Provided the student has cleared all obligations to the college, any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded when a student vacates the residence hall and does not intend to live in campus housing the following semester. Damage deposit for returning students will be applied to charges in the next semester and not refunded each summer. To reserve a room in student housing, students must sign and return a housing contract and pay a housing deposit. A refund of this deposit will be made if applied for prior to May 1.

Students leaving campus housing but remaining in classes (moving from resident to commuter) will be charged one half of the room/board fee if moving out after the first day of classes for the semester through the third week of classes. Thereafter no refund is given.


Wisconsin Lutheran College does not supply individual phone lines for each room. With the almost universal use of cell phones, WLC provides one courtesy phone in each resident building. Campus buildings also have courtesy phones located in main hallways. Students must also provide their own means for calling long distance. Under no circumstances are students allowed to accept collect calls or sign up for any calling plan that will bill a Wisconsin Lutheran College phone number.

Food Service

All students living in a college residence are required to be on one of the college meal plans. Two meals are served on Saturday and two on Sunday. Meals are not served during college vacation periods. The evening meal is not served on the day immediately preceding a college vacation.

Commitments for the purchase of food and labor involved in food service are made in advance; therefore, no rebates or allowances will be made for missed meals. Block meals on the meal plans expire at the end of each semester. Meal points associated with meal plans do carryover from fall to spring semester but expire in May.

Commuters can put funds on their One Card for discounted food rates. These funds carry over indefinitely and can be refunded at any time.

Parking Permit

Limited parking is available on campus for both resident and commuting students. Campus parking permits can be requested from Security/Maintenance office at the REX. However, because on-campus parking is limited, resident students are discouraged from bringing automobiles to campus. Commuters can register their vehicle for a low fee and have access to the parking center.

Late Registration

Students who register after the first day of classes will pay a late registration fee.

Study Abroad

Students completing a semester or year abroad while remaining enrolled at WLC will be assessed a study abroad processing fee.

Additional Fees

The cost of textbooks, notebooks, and other course materials varies from semester to semester. The student should remember to allow for these costs each semester. Students taking private lessons in voice, piano, organ, or other musical instruments pay a lesson fee. The fees for all music lessons required for a music major will be waived to all music majors following the semester in which they declare a music major. Fees for lessons taken during the freshman year and for those taken before a student declares his/her music major will be billed at the current lesson charge rate.

During the add/drop period (first 2 weeks of classes), students dropping music lessons will not be charged for any lessons taken. Between the last day to add/drop classes and the last day to withdraw from a class, students will be charged for the number of lessons taken over total number of lessons in the semester. After the last day to withdraw from a class, students will be responsible for the total music lesson charge.

Students carrying 20 or more credits will be charged a per credit overload fee.


A one-time graduation fee of $75.00 will be charged on all accounts of ALL students scheduled to graduate, regardless of whether or not they plan to participate in the commencement ceremony. This charge will appear on their student tuition account upon submission of an application for degree. This fee will cover the cost of the cap and gown (announcements sold separately), diploma cover and printing expenses, a transcript, ceremony expenses, etc.

Insurance/Health Fee

Wisconsin Lutheran College is committed to promoting health and wellness education and services to support the students’ academic success. All students are eligible to utilize Health Services and the health fee offsets a portion of the costs associated with these services. Many routine care services including wellness checks, counseling services, ordering lab work, vaccinations, prescription refills, etc. are available at little or no cost to students.

WLC requires every student to have personal health insurance coverage to protect against incurred expenses of an unexpected injury or illness which may affect their ability to remain in school and progress toward gradation. It is important to have access to additional care if/when emergences or urgent care situations arise.

It is important to have access to your insurance card and furthermore, to understand your insurance benefits, deductible levels, pre-authorization requirements, and local in-network providers.

If you do not have health coverage, contact Health Services at 414.443.8630 or email healthservices@wlc.edu as resources and available options for obtaining health coverage will be provided. Insurance coverage is not provided by WLC for domestic students. International students are required to purchase additional coverage as a condition of their enrollment.

Refunds/credit balances

A credit balance will result on a student’s account in the Business Office when financial aid and/or payments exceed institutional charges.

Required refunds of credit balances related to federal financial aid will be made automatically to the student within 14 days after the financial aid is received and posted, as mandated by federal law. A refund will be issued only if the student’s balance is paid in full.

If a student has a credit balance and incurs additional charges, they will be deducted from the credit balance (examples: student affairs charges, parking tickets, etc.). A student may be eligible to receive a refund of their credit balance under certain circumstances by completing a Student Refund Request Form. Refund Request forms can be picked up and filled out at the Business Office.

All students who submit a Refund Request for a credit balance can expect their refund check to be available the week following the Add/Drop period in any given semester.

Refund requests may also be submitted anytime during the semester following the Add/Drop period. If you do not submit a request by these dates, your credit will carry over to the following semester. NOTE: This does NOT apply for mandatory refunds. Any federal aid or other type of credit that results in a mandatory refund will be processed during this time.

Institutional Refund Policy

WLC’s refund policy applies to a student who withdraws from school or is terminated at a given point in time during the semester. In addition, if the student is living on campus and vacates during that same week, charges are assessed according to the housing and meals refund policy as outlined below. Students or parents who feel that individual circumstances warrant exception to this policy may appeal by contacting the dean of students. The refund process begins with the completion of a student withdrawal form with the Dean of Student Success and Retention.

Wisconsin Lutheran College’s Refund Policy is as follows: students who withdraw from Wisconsin Lutheran College will receive a pro rated refund of educational fees and housing/meals, according to the following schedule:

During first week of classes 90 percent
During second week 80 percent
During third week 60 percent
During fourth week 40 percent
During fifth week 20 percent
After fifth week none

All institutional and state aid funds are prorated and refunded according to the same schedule. For federal financial aid or loans, WLC is required to follow the Federal “Return of Title IV Funds”